Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Sterling and turquoise zia buttonshawl button, New Mexico jewelryshawl button, petroglyph giftshawl button, southwest accessoryshawl button, shawl buttonshawl button, sun rock artshawl button, bracelet clasp



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One zia buttonsterling zia buttonsilver zia buttonand zia buttonturquoise zia buttonZia zia buttonbutton, zia buttonpetroglyph zia buttongift, zia buttonNew zia buttonMexico zia buttonJewelry, zia buttonsouthwest zia buttonaccessory, zia buttonshawl zia buttonbutton, zia buttonsun zia buttonrock zia buttonart, zia buttonunder zia button25 zia buttonUSDButton zia buttonis zia buttoncast zia buttonin zia buttonlow-tarnish zia buttonsterling zia buttonsilver--approx, zia button15 zia buttonmm zia button(or zia button0.59 zia buttoninches) zia buttonin zia buttondiameter.--polished zia buttonfront zia buttonand zia buttonback--stamped zia button.925 zia buttonand zia buttoninitialed--oxidized zia buttonto zia buttonshow zia buttonthe zia buttondesignSet zia buttonwith zia buttona zia button4 zia buttonmm zia buttonArizona zia buttonturquoise zia buttoncabochon. zia buttonUse zia buttonon zia buttonshirts, zia buttonshawls, zia buttonsweaters, zia buttonbracelets, zia buttonpurses, zia buttonphone zia buttoncases, zia buttonetc.Shipped zia buttonin zia buttona zia buttonrecycled zia buttoncraft zia buttonpaper zia buttonbox zia buttonready zia buttonfor zia buttongift zia buttongiving zia button(or zia buttonreceiving!) zia buttonShipped zia buttonvia zia buttonUnited zia buttonStates zia buttonPostal zia buttonService. zia buttonStandard zia buttonshipping zia buttonis zia buttonvia zia buttonFirst zia buttonClass zia buttonMail; zia buttonupgraded zia buttonshipping zia buttonis zia buttonvia zia buttonPriority zia buttonMail.

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