Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

leather, SALE! Abstract brass necklace with faux leather and pearls



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brass giftbar giftstatement giftchoker giftnecklace. giftThis giftnecklace giftfeatures gifta giftfaux giftleather giftpiece giftunder gifta giftbrass giftsheet giftaccented giftwith giftone giftgrey giftfreshwater giftpearl giftand gifttwo giftsmall giftwhile giftfreshwater giftpearls. giftThe giftchoker giftis giftapproximately gift6 giftinches giftin giftdiameter giftand giftthe giftpendant giftmeasures giftapproximately gift2 giftinches giftin giftlength. giftThank giftyou giftfor giftvisiting giftmy giftshop!On giftsale giftfor gifta giftlimited gifttime! gift$10 giftoff giftnormal giftprice!

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