Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling marcasite, Cultured PEARL and MARCASITE BROOCH - Long Flower - Large Pearl - Safety Clasp



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LOVELY gift ideaESTATE gift ideaMARCASITE gift ideaBROOCH gift ideaWITH gift ideaLARGE gift ideaCULTURED gift ideaPEARL gift ideaFLOWERGoddessandco gift ideais gift ideapleased gift ideato gift ideaoffer gift ideafor gift ideasale gift ideathis gift ideabeautiful gift ideasinewy gift ideaestate gift ideamarcasite gift idea gift ideabrooch gift ideawith gift idealuscious gift ideapearl gift idea"flower".Good gift ideaConditionSIZE: gift idea3 gift ideaand gift idea1/2 gift ideainches gift idealong gift ideaand gift idea1 gift ideaand gift idea3/8 gift ideainches gift ideawideWEIGHT:10.35 gift ideatotal gift ideagram gift ideaweightMEASUREMENT: gift ideaPearl gift ideais gift idea18 gift ideamm gift ideain gift ideadiameter

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