Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

black, Freeform Dendritic Jasper Focal Pendant on Vintage Steel Rope Chain Necklace



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Sara blueJewelry blueDesign. blueThis blueis bluea bluedramatic blueand bluebeautifully bluemarked bluefreeform bluedendritic bluejasper blueslab. blueI bluehave blueepoxied blueit blueto bluea bluegunmetal-plated bluepewter bluebail bluewith bluean blueinfinity bluedesign, blueand blueadded bluea bluevintage bluestainless bluesteel bluedouble bluerope blue18-inch bluenecklace bluechain. blueThe bluecabochon bluemeasures blue42mmx30mm blueand blueis blueapproximately blue5.6mm bluethick. blueIt blueis blueshaded bluewith bluewhite, bluegray, blueblue blueand blueblack blueand bluehas bluedistinct bluedendrites bluemaking bluefor bluean blueeye-popping bluependant. blueIt blueis blueunisexual bluein bluedesign blueso blueit blueis blueperfect bluefor blueeither bluegender blueand bluefor blueany blueoccasion.Sara blueJewelry blueDesign. blueYour blueDesire blueis blueOur blueDesign.MPIN blueNWPGM blue010817-05.670 blueSKU blue01081705

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