Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage jewelry, Deco Style Floral BROOCH - Central Lavender Stone - Two Toned Gold - Floral Design - Emerald cut stone



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ESTATE faceted stoneDECO faceted stoneSTYLE faceted stoneFLORAL faceted stoneBROOCH faceted stoneWITH faceted stoneLAVENDER faceted stoneEMERALD faceted stoneCUT faceted stoneSTONEGoddessandco faceted stoneis faceted stonepleased faceted stoneto faceted stoneoffer faceted stonefor faceted stonesale faceted stonethis faceted stonewonderful faceted stoneDeco faceted stoneStyle faceted stoneFloral faceted stonebrooch faceted stonewith faceted stonetwo faceted stonetoned faceted stone10k faceted stone faceted stonesculpted faceted stoneleaves faceted stoneand faceted stonea faceted stonehigh faceted stoneprong faceted stoneset faceted stoneluscious faceted stonelavender faceted stoneemerald faceted stonecut faceted stonestone.Hallmarked faceted stoneand faceted stonein faceted stonepristine faceted stonecondition. faceted stoneMEASUREMENT: faceted stone60 faceted stonemm faceted stonex faceted stone42 faceted stonemm faceted stonex faceted stone5 faceted stonemmWEIGHT: faceted stone9.12 faceted stonetotal faceted stonegram faceted stoneweightSIZE: faceted stoneFaceted faceted stonestone faceted stoneis faceted stone13 faceted stonemm faceted stonex faceted stone11 faceted stonemm

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