Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

initial, Initial 3 Disc Necklace



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Three stampscharms stampshand stampsstamped stampswith stampsthe stampsletter's stampsof stampsyour stampschoice. stamps stampsIncludes stampsthree stampshammered stampshand stampsstamped stampsdiscs, stamps7mm. stamps stampsAbout stamps2" stampsof stampschain stampsin-between stampseach stampsdisc, stamps16" stampschain. stampsAvailable stampsin stampsgold stampsfilled stampsor stampssterling stampssilver. stamps stampsDisc's stampswill stampscome stampshammered stampswith stampsedges stampslightly stampspounded. stamps stampsThis stampsnecklace stampsarrives stampsgift stampswrapped stampsin stampsa stampscute stampspackage. stampsIf stampsyou stampsdo stampsnot stampssee stampsan stampsoption stampsthat stampsfits stampsyou stamps~ stampsplease stampscontact stampsme stampswith stampsany stampsquestions!This stampsitem stampsis stampsmade stampsto stampsorder. stampsPlease stampsallow stampsup stampsto stampsone stampsweek stampsfor stampsme stampsto stampsmake stampsyour stampsitems.Please stampsfeel stampsfree stampsto stampsconvo stampsme stampsif stampsyou stampshave stampsany stampsquestions.Please stampsvisit stampsmy stampsshop stampsfor stampsmore stampsunique stampshandmade stampsitems stampslike stampsthis!Now stampson stampsINSTAGRAM! stampsFollow stampsme stampsteressalanejewelry [email protected]://

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