Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage, Antique Figural Mother of Pearl Key Shaped Pocket Knife Necklace | Duval Jewelry Company Souvenir



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Necklace rarecomprised rareof rarea rarerare rareantique raremother rareof rarepearl rarekey rareshaped rarependant rarethat rareopens rareto rarereveal rarea rarefolding rareblade. rareKey rarehangs rarefrom rarea rare22" rarevintage rarechain rareand raremeasures rareabout rare2 rareinches rarelong, rareunfolding rareto rareabout rare3 rareinches. rareMarked rareas rare"Duval rareJewelry rareCompany," rarethis rarelittle rarekey rareknife rarewould rarehave rarebeen rareused rareas rarea raresouvenir rareor rarecalling rarecard.Thanks rareso raremuch rarefor raretaking rarea rarepeek rareand rareplease rarehave rarea rarelook rarearound rarethe rarerest rareof rarethe rareshop: rarecontrary..WARNING: rareKnife rareis rarea rarenovelty rareitem, rarenot rareintended rarefor rarechildren rareand rarenot raremeant rareto rarebe rareused rareas rarea rareweapon rareor rarecause rareany raretype rareof rareharm rareto rareanother rareperson rareor rarein raregeneral. rareUpon rarepurchasing rarethis rarenecklace, rareyou rareare rareagreeing rarenot rareto rarehold rareme, rareMary rareAndrews, rareresponsible rarefor rareany raredamages rarecaused rarewith rarenecklace.

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