Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

flower, Flower Power!



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Fabulous sterling silverfor sterling silverspring sterling silverand sterling silversummer! sterling silver sterling silverThis sterling silversterling sterling silversilver sterling silverpendant sterling silveris sterling silveravailable sterling silverwith sterling silvera sterling silver6mm sterling silvercenter sterling silvergemstone sterling silverof sterling silveramethyst,turquoise, sterling silverpink sterling silvermother sterling silverof sterling silverpearl, sterling silvergarnet, sterling silvermoonstone sterling silveror sterling silverblack sterling silveronyx. sterling silver sterling silverThey sterling silvermeasure sterling silverapproximatly sterling silver1 sterling silver1/8 sterling silverinch sterling silverand sterling silvercome sterling silverwith sterling silveryour sterling silverchoice sterling silverof sterling silver16 sterling silveror sterling silver18 sterling silverinch sterling silversterling sterling silverchain. sterling silverPlease sterling silverspecify sterling silvergemstone sterling silverchoice sterling silverand sterling silverchain sterling silverlength sterling silverwhen sterling silverordering.

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