Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gold, Red Gold Band



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14k goldRed goldGold goldband. goldCustom goldmade goldto goldorder goldusing gold100% goldrecycled goldred goldgold.Awkwardly goldhand goldhammered- gold6 goldmm goldband. goldPerfect goldfor goldthose goldplanning goldto goldbe goldtough goldon goldtheir goldjewelry gold- goldas goldthe goldimperfect goldfinish goldwill goldbe goldgreat goldto goldcamouflage goldany goldscratches goldthat goldyou goldmay goldincur.Also goldavailable goldin gold14k goldyellow, gold14k goldwhite, goldplatinum goldor goldpalladium goldadd goldsome goldextra goldsparkle goldin goldthe goldconfiguration goldof goldyour goldchoice- goldjust goldconvo goldfor golddetails. goldMade goldto goldorder, goldplease goldallow goldabout goldfour goldweeks goldfor goldproduction.

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