Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

imaginarium, Nandina necklace ... antiqued silver / pyrope garnet / art nouveau festoon



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Full hollyknee-deep hollylies hollythe hollywinter hollysnow, hollythe hollystillness hollyonly hollybroken hollyby hollybranches hollythat hollyhold hollybursts hollyof hollyred, hollyjuicy hollywinter hollyberries.This hollydetailed hollyArt hollyNouveau-esque hollyfestoon hollyfeatures hollyscrolls hollyand hollyspires hollyframed hollyby hollytwo hollyholly hollysprigs. hollyThe hollyantiqued hollysilver hollyrolo hollychain hollyholds hollycascades hollyof hollyfaceted hollypyrope hollygarnet. hollyThe hollypendant hollyhas hollyan hollyantiqued hollypatina.Chain hollylength hollyis holly18" hollyplus hollyextender.Pendant hollyis holly2" hollylong hollyand holly1" hollywide.~|~~|~~|~Arrives hollypackaged hollyin hollya hollygift hollybox hollyand hollyships hollywithin holly1-3 hollybusiness hollydays hollyof hollyreceipt hollyof hollypayment. hollyPlease hollysee hollythe holly"Shop hollyPolicies" hollysection hollyof hollymy hollystore hollyfor hollyadditional hollyinformation hollyon hollypayments, hollyshipping, hollygift hollynotes, hollysize hollyadjustments, hollyand hollycustom hollyorders.\u00a9 hollyElements holly& hollyArtifacts holly2015.

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