Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pin, Aurora Borealis and Rhinestone Cluster Brooch Pin Vintage



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This 1950is 1950a 1950really 1950lovely 1950and 1950unique 1950vintage 1950brooch.The 1950brooch 1950is 1950a 1950cluster 1950of 1950Aurora 1950Borealis 1950beads 1950that 1950are 1950octahedron 1950and 1950faceted 1950sphere 1950shaped. 1950The 1950ends 1950of 1950the 1950beads 1950have 1950prong 1950set 1950round 1950rhinestones. 1950The 1950Aurora 1950Borealis 1950beads 1950are 1950clear 1950with 1950a 1950lovely 1950iridescent 1950coating 1950to 1950them 1950giving 1950the 1950pendant 1950a 1950beautiful 1950sparkle. 1950The 1950back 1950of 1950the 1950brooch 1950is 1950silver 1950tone 1950metal 1950with 1950a 1950textured 1950finish. 1950It 1950has 1950a 1950swinging 1950arm 1950with 1950a 1950rolling 1950lock 1950clasp. 1950Measures 1950about 19502 19501/4" 1950long. 1950This 1950piece 1950is 1950in 1950great 1950vintage 1950condition.*We 1950are 1950always 1950willing 1950to 1950ship 1950internationally. 1950Please 1950message 1950us 1950for 1950a 1950quote!

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