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guitar charm, Assortment of 6 Silvertone Charms Guitar Heart Peace Sign Snowflake Key Charms



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An silver snowflakeassortment silver snowflakeof silver snowflake6 silver snowflakesilvertone silver snowflakecharms: silver snowflakea silver snowflakekey, silver snowflakepeace silver snowflakesign, silver snowflakesnowflake, silver snowflakeelectric silver snowflakeguitar silver snowflakeand silver snowflake2 silver snowflakehearts silver snowflake(one silver snowflakeis silver snowflakepuffy silver snowflakeand silver snowflakethe silver snowflakeother silver snowflakesays silver snowflakeMade silver snowflakeWith silver snowflakeLove). silver snowflakeIn silver snowflakegreat silver snowflakecondition.I silver snowflakeship silver snowflaketo silver snowflakethe silver snowflakeU.S. silver snowflakeAll silver snowflakesales silver snowflakeare silver snowflakefinal. silver snowflakePlease silver snowflakecontact silver snowflakeme silver snowflakewith silver snowflakeany silver snowflakequestions. silver snowflakeThank silver snowflakeyou silver snowflakefor silver snowflakevisiting silver snowflakemy silver snowflakeshop.

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