Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage bird brooch, 30's PARROT Pin / Brass Finish Colored RHINESTONE Bird Brooch



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This figural broochclassic figural broochparrot figural broochbrooch figural broochhas figural broochmulti figural broochcolored figural broochrhinestones figural broochin figural broocha figural broochbrass figural broochand figural broochsilver figural broochtone. figural broochThe figural broochsilver figural broochpiece figural broochis figural broochriveted figural broochinto figural broochthe figural broochback. figural broochThis figural broochbrooch figural broochmeasures figural brooch2 figural brooch7/7\u201d figural broochlong figural broochby figural brooch2\u201d figural broochat figural broochit's figural broochwidest. figural broochI figural broochbelieve figural broochthis figural broochpiece figural broochdates figural broochto figural broochthe figural brooch30's figural broochor figural brooch40's.As figural broochcute figural broochas figural broochhe figural broochis, figural broochthere figural broochare figural brooch2 figural broochmissing figural broochstones figural broochand figural broochsome figural broochgeneral figural broochwear.

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