Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

tear drop, Sterling Silver Earrings in Small Tear Drop



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I spiralsstamped spiralssterling spiralssilver spiralstear spiralsdrops spiralswith spiralsspirals spiralsand spiralsadded spiralscopper spiralstubing spiralsto spiralsthe\r spiralsopening spiralsfor spiralsthe spiralsear spiralswire. spiralsCopper spiralsear spiralswires spiralsand spiralsa spiralscopper spiralsbead spiralsare spiralsadded spiralsfor spiralscontrast. spirals\r\rThe spiralsdrops spiralsare spirals16 spiralsmm spiralsx spirals22mm. spirals spiralsThe spiralsearring spiralshangs spiralsa spiralstotal spiralsof spirals1 spirals3/8 spirals" spiralscounting spiralsthe spiralsear spiralswire. spirals spiralsThese spiralsare spiralslight-weight spiralsand spiralscomfortable spiralsearrings. spirals spiralsVery spiralssimple, spiralsbut spiralspretty!

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