Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage 1920s glass bead flapper necklacevintage 1920s, chartreuse yellow long strand 20's



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1920s 1920s flappervintage 1920s flapperbead 1920s flapperstrand 1920s flappernecklace. 1920s flapperDelicate 1920s flapperwire 1920s flappershows 1920s flapperlight 1920s flapperpatina. 1920s flapperOne 1920s flapperbead 1920s flapperis 1920s flappersplit 1920s flapperin 1920s flapper2 1920s flapperbut 1920s flapperstill 1920s flapperall 1920s flapperpresent, 1920s flapperanother 1920s flapperbead 1920s flapperhas 1920s flappera 1920s flapperlittle 1920s flapperchunk 1920s flappermissing, 1920s flapperalmost 1920s flapperlike 1920s flappera 1920s flapperbubble 1920s flapperunder 1920s flapperthe 1920s flappersurface 1920s flappermade 1920s flapperit 1920s flappervulnerable. 1920s flapperThe 1920s flappercolor 1920s flapperis 1920s flappera 1920s flapperbright 1920s flapperchartreuse 1920s flapperyellow 1920s flapperwith 1920s flappersubtle 1920s flapper(lampwork?) 1920s flapperswirl. 1920s flapperMeasures 1920s flapper60" 1920s flapperlong.Ships 1920s flapperin 1920s flappera 1920s flappergift 1920s flapperbox.I 1920s flappercombine 1920s flappershipping 1920s flapperon 1920s flappermultiple 1920s flapperitems.

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