Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

green, Peruvian ceramic bead and labradorite oval bead necklace



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Cluster knotted cordof knotted cordlarge knotted cordlabradorite knotted cordoval knotted cordbeads, knotted cordPeruvian knotted cordceramic knotted cordbeads, knotted cordand knotted cordCzech knotted cordglass knotted cordbeads knotted cordon knotted cordknotted knotted cordsilk knotted cordcord, knotted cordsilver knotted cordplated knotted cordfindings, knotted cordsigned knotted cordJulia knotted cord. knotted cordMeasures knotted cord18 knotted cordinches. knotted cordCluster knotted cordis knotted cord2 knotted cordinches knotted cordin knotted cordlength.Item knotted cord#JBD737

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