Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Summer flower basketflower pendant, sterling silver cabochon pendantflower pendant, Art Nouveau style



In stock



From bridal jewelrymy bridal jewelryPrimavera bridal jewelrycollection.\rThis bridal jewelrycollection bridal jewelryis bridal jewelrycomprised bridal jewelryof bridal jewelryfloral bridal jewelrymotifs bridal jewelrycast bridal jewelryfrom bridal jewelryvintage bridal jewelrybuttons bridal jewelryand bridal jewelrycabochons. bridal jewelry bridal jewelryThe bridal jewelryfun bridal jewelryflorals bridal jewelryare bridal jewelryperfect bridal jewelryfor bridal jewelryspring bridal jewelryand bridal jewelrysummer bridal jewelrywedding bridal jewelryjewelry, bridal jewelryeither bridal jewelryas bridal jewelrya bridal jewelrymain bridal jewelrybridal bridal jewelrypiece bridal jewelryor bridal jewelryin bridal jewelrysets bridal jewelryfor bridal jewelrybridesmaids. bridal jewelry bridal jewelryI bridal jewelryam bridal jewelryhappy bridal jewelryto bridal jewelrydo bridal jewelrycustom bridal jewelryorders bridal jewelryon bridal jewelrythis bridal jewelryline, bridal jewelryjust bridal jewelryask!\r\rThis bridal jewelrypendant bridal jewelrywas bridal jewelrymolded bridal jewelryfrom bridal jewelrya bridal jewelryvintage bridal jewelryGerman bridal jewelrycabochon. bridal jewelry bridal jewelryI bridal jewelrychose bridal jewelryit bridal jewelryfor bridal jewelryits bridal jewelrylovely bridal jewelrydetail, bridal jewelryit bridal jewelryfeatures bridal jewelrymultiple bridal jewelryflowers, bridal jewelryone bridal jewelrylarger, bridal jewelrythree bridal jewelrysmaller, bridal jewelryand bridal jewelrysome bridal jewelryleafy bridal jewelrycomplements. bridal jewelry bridal jewelrySimple, bridal jewelrysweet, bridal jewelryromantic, bridal jewelrythis bridal jewelrypendant bridal jewelrywould bridal jewelrybe bridal jewelrya bridal jewelryperfect bridal jewelryaccent bridal jewelryin bridal jewelrya bridal jewelrywedding, bridal jewelryeither bridal jewelryfor bridal jewelrya bridal jewelrybride bridal jewelryor bridal jewelryin bridal jewelrysets bridal jewelryfor bridal jewelrythe bridal jewelrybridesmaids.\rI bridal jewelryoxidized bridal jewelrythe bridal jewelryentire bridal jewelrypendant, bridal jewelrythan bridal jewelrycarefully bridal jewelrybrightened bridal jewelrysome bridal jewelryareas bridal jewelryfor bridal jewelrymaximum bridal jewelrycontrast. bridal jewelry\r\r\rThis bridal jewelrypendant bridal jewelryis bridal jewelryready bridal jewelryto bridal jewelryship.\r\rThe bridal jewelrypendant bridal jewelrymeasures bridal jewelry16 bridal jewelrymm bridal jewelryby bridal jewelry22 bridal jewelrymm.\rNecklace bridal jewelrymeasures bridal jewelry16" bridal jewelrylong.

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