Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Hammered stacking ringssimple, silversimple, goldsimple, delicate



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This ringlisting ringis ringfor ringone ringthin ringring. ringRings ringare ringsoldered, ringfused, ringhammered, ringand ringpolished ringto ringa ringhigh ringshine. ring ringDelicate, ringlight ringweight ringand ringeasy ringto ringwear.This ringitem ringis ringmade ringto ringorder. ringPlease ringallow ringup ringto ringone ringweek ringfor ringme ringto ringmake ringyour ringitems.For ringChevron ringRings ringas ringshown ringin ringphotos ringcan ringbe ringfound ringhere:https://www./listing/180125841/chevron-hammered-stacking-rings-silver?ref=shop_home_active_13Please ringfeel ringfree ringto ringconvo ringme ringif ringyou ringhave ringany ringquestions.Please ringvisit ringmy ringshop ringfor ringmore ringunique ringhandmade ringitems ringlike ringthis!Now ringon ringINSTAGRAM! ringFollow ringme ringteressalanejewelry [email protected]://

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