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Two Butterfly Dress Clips with Faux Pearl Teardrop Accentbutterfly jewelry, pastel wingsbutterfly jewelry, vintage



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Butterfly pinkDress pinkClips, pinkSet pinkof pinkTwo, pinkVintage.Lavender pinkpurple pinkand pinksweet pinkpink pinkbutterflies pinkare pinkaccented pinkwith pinka pinkfaux pinkpearl, pinkteardrop pinkaccent. pinkThe pinkpink pinkand pinklavender pinkon pinkthe pinkwings pinkis pinktextural. pinkGold pinkclip pinkand pinkgold pinkedges pinkadd pinkelegance. pinkVintage, pinkfrom pinkan pinkestate. pinkPlease pinksee pinkphotos.____________Note:New pinkYork pinkState pinkbuyers pinkare pinkrequired pinkby pinklaw pinkto pinkpay pinksales pinktax.Shipping pinkfee pinkincludes pinkhandling pinkand pinkfirst pinkclass pinkmail.Thank pinkyou pinkfor pinkperusing pinkour pinkWilderside pinkJewelry pinkshop. pinkPlease pinkfavorite pinkitems pinkyou pinkor pinkyour pinkfriends pinkmight pinkenjoy.

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