Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Modern Vintage 70's/80'steam vintage usa, MOD Teardrop Shapedteam vintage usa, Brass and Silver Necklaceteam vintage usa, w SODALITE Stone



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This art modernefun art moderneto art modernewear art modernenecklace art modernehas art modernea art moderneteardrop art moderneshaped art modernependant art moderneon art modernea art moderneMod art modernebrushed art modernesilver art modernetone art moderneand art modernebrass art modernechoker art modernestyle art modernesetting. art moderneThis art moderneis art modernea art moderneone art moderneof art modernea art modernekind, art moderneartist art modernemade art modernepiece art modernefrom art moderneBrazil. art moderneIt art modernewas art moderneoriginally art modernepurchased art modernein art modernethe art moderneearly art moderne1980's. art moderneThey art modernehave art moderneused art modernegenuine art modernesodalite art modernein art modernethe art modernecentral art modernepiece. art moderneThe art modernependant art modernemeasures art moderne1 art moderne3/4" art modernex art moderne1 art moderne1/8" art moderneat art moderneits art modernewidest art moderneand art modernethe art modernelength art moderneis art modernearound art moderne16". art moderneGreat art modernemid art modernecentury art modernemodern art modernedesign!Like art modernethis art moderneitem art moderneand art modernelooking art modernefor art modernemore art modernelike art moderneit? art moderneAre art moderneyou art modernea art modernedealer art moderneand art modernewant art moderneto art modernebuy art modernein art modernequantity? art moderneCheck art moderneout art moderneour art modernenew art modernestore art moderneon art moderneetsy art modernefor art modernewholesale art modernevintage art modernepurchasing:http://www./shop/truevintagewholesale

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