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octopus, Paul - Brown and Black Handpainted Octopus



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Hand tanpainted tanoctopus tanwith tana tanbeautiful tanmetallic tanbrown tanand tanblack tancolored tanfinish. tanIt tanhas tansmall tandetailing tanon tanthe tantentacles. tanBecause tanit tanis tandone tanby tanhand tanno tantwo tanare tanalike.The tanfinish tanwill tannot tannot tanchip tanor tancrack. tanThe taneyes tanare tanmade tanwith tantopaz tanflatback tanswarovski tancrystal. tanIt tancomes tanwith tanyour tanchoice tanof tancord tanor tanchain tan tanmeasuring tan17-18 taninches. tanIt tanis tanclosed tanwith tana tan tanlobster tanclaw tanclasp. tan tanMy tanshipping tancost tanis tanfor tanfirst tanclass tanmail tanand tana tangift tanbox.*If tanyou tanwould tanlike tanthis tanoctopus tanin tana tancustom tancolor, tanplease tanconvo tanme. tanI tando tannot tancharge tanextra tanfor tancustom tancolors tanbut tantheir tanis tana tanfive tanday tanwaiting tanperiod tanfor tanme tanto tanmake tanit.Thanks!

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