Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

brown, Zebra Jasper Necklace and Focal in Choice of Metal Finish



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Sara creamJewelry creamDesign. creamThese creamnecklaces creamfeature creamdramatic cream25mm creamsquare creamzebra creamjasper creamfocal creamdrops creamsurrounded creamby cream10mm creamrounds creamin creamthe creamsame creamstone, creamand creamare creamcomplemented creamby creammetallic creamspacer creambeads, creambead creamcaps creamand cream4mm creamSwarovski creamSmoked creamTopaz creambicone creamcrystals. creamThe creamcenter creamof creameach creamdesign creammeasures creamroughly creamsix creaminches, creamand creamthe creamfocal creamdrop creamis creamapproximately cream1-1/4 creaminches. creamOverall creamnecklace creamlength creamis cream18 creaminches.The creamnecklace creamis creamthen creamcompleted creamwith cream2mm creamcurb creamlink creamchain creamin creameither creama creamgold creamor creama creamsilver creamfinish cream(gold creamplating creamover creambrass creamand creamsilver creamplating creamover creamsteel). creamInterrupting creamthe creamchain creamis creama creamsmall, creamshank creamwrapped creaminset creamfeaturing creaman creamadditional creamSwarovski creamcrystal creamcapped creamwith creammetal creamspacer creambeads. creamNecklaces creamclose creamwith creamsimple creamspring-ring creamclasps. creamThere creamare creamtwo creamnecklaces creamavailable, creamone creameach creamin creamgold creamfinish creamand creamsilver creamfinish. creamChoose creamyour creamfavorite creamfrom creamthe creamdrop creamdown creammenu.MPIN creamNW creamGP cream1101113-01.1188 creamandMPIN creamNW creamSP cream1101113-02.1181I creamwill creamship creamthis creamyour creamway creamthe creamnext creambusiness creamday creamvia creamUSPS creamfirst creamclass creaminsured creammail creamwith creama creamtracking creamID creamnumber. creamIF creamYOU creamNEED creamEXPEDITED creamSHIPPING, creamplease creamcontact creamme creamfirst creamwith creamyour creamZIP creamcode creamfor creama creamshipping creamquote.Sara creamJewelry creamDesign. creamYour creamDesire creamis creamOur creamDesign.

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