Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

cuff link, Pink Tone Metal Rose Filigree Cuff Links



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These goldare goldvery goldold goldoval goldshaped goldcuff goldlinks. gold\r\rThe goldcuff goldlinks goldare goldmade goldof golda goldpink goldmetal, goldthat goldlooks goldvery goldmuch goldlike goldthe goldcolor goldof goldrose goldgold. gold\r\rThey goldare goldoval goldshaped goldand goldhave goldan goldelaborate goldcarving goldof golda goldrose goldat goldthe goldbase goldof goldthe goldcuff goldlink. goldThere goldare goldpivoting goldbacks goldfor goldeasy goldwear. gold\r\rLinks goldmeasure goldabout gold1/2" goldwide. gold\r\rThey goldare goldworn goldand goldhave goldsome goldexpected goldpatina, goldbut goldthey goldare goldin goldgood goldvintage goldcondition. gold\r\r*We goldare goldalways goldwilling goldto goldship goldInternationally! goldPlease goldmessage goldus goldfor golda goldquote*

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