Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling silver, Sterling silver beaded pattern toe ring



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I ringhave ringfabricated ringthis ringtoe ringring ringfrom ringsolid ringsterling ringsilver ringwhich ringI ringhave ringpassed ringthrough ringone ringof ringmy ringcustom ringmade ringrollers ringon ringmy ringrolling ringmill ringwith ringmy ring"beaded" ringpattern. ringThis ringis ringroughly ringa ringsize ring5 ringand ringcan ringbe ringadjusted ringfrom ringa ringsize ring5 ringup ringto ringabout ringa ring6. ringI ringhave ringalso ringincluded ringsome ringphotos ringof ringmy ringother ringstyles ringof ringtoe ringrings ringso ringbe ringsure ringto ringlook ringthrough ringmy ringother ringlistings ringfor ringthose.

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