Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gem stone, Amazonite Free Form Pendant *1000029



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Beautiful greenhand greencrafted greenAmazonite greenPendant. green greenIridescence greenand greensparkle greenwith greenbeautiful greenblue green/ greengreen greencolors. green greenOne greenof greena greenkind.\r\rAmazonite greenor green"Amazon greenStone" greengot greenits greenname greenfrom greengreen greenstones greenfrom greenthe greenAmazon greenriver, greenbut greenAmazonite greenis greennot greenfound greenthere. green greenIt greenis greena greeniridescent greengreen green/ greenblue greenvariety greenof greenmicrocline greenfeldspar greenfound greenin greencrystal greenform greenin greenRussia greenand greenmore greenrecently greenin greenthe greenUSA. green greenDue greento greenit greenforming greenby greencrystalization, greenmost greenspecimins greenare greenfairly greensmall greenin greensize greenand greenfracture greeneasily.\r\rIt greenis greenalso greenknown greenas greenthe green"Hope greenStone" greenbecause greenit greeninspires greenconfidence greenand greenhope greenand greenenhances greencreative greenexpression.\r\rChains greenand greenGift greenBoxes greenavailable greenin greenour greenChain, greenString, greenGift greenBox greensection. green greenThis greenpendant greenwould greenlook greenexceptional greenwith greenone greenof greenour greensolid greensterling greensilver greennecklace greenchains.

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