Foundation of New Catholic Monastery uplifts the faithful in Ethiopian Catholic Church.


The Holy Trinity Abune Biruk Monastery has been officially opened and the
foundation stone has been laid for the construction of very first Catholic Church in
Holeta 45Km away from the capital of Ethiopia Addis Ababa on 28 th of May, 2019.
The Congregation of Holy Trinity Abune Biruk founded in Ethiopia before 4 years
with tremendous commitment and effort of Emahoy Haregeweine who is also
celebrating 25 th the Silver Jubilee of her vocation of Nun.
In the homily during Eucharistic celebration H.E Cardinal Berhaneyesus Souraphiel,
CM mentioned and appreciated the commitment of all engaged in the progress of the
Monastery. His Eminence pointed out that the rope of such congregation in Ethiopia
is not only for expansion of the Catholic Church but also brings development of the

The founder of the congregation in Ethiopia Emahoy Haregeweine gave her deepest
gratitude to H.E Cardinal Berhaneyesus Souraphiel, CM, Priests, Sisters and all
Faithful to be part of the joyful occasion opening ceremony. She was also thankful
for all who contributed in introducing Holy Trinity Abune Biruk Congregation in
The monastery is expected to be a Meditation Center for all faithful and the
coordinators invites all for prayer. They also requested all to be engaged in
supporting the congregation.

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