Catholic Church aims to serve 4.97 million beneficiaries in 2019 in Social and Development

The Ethiopian Catholic Church Social and Development Commission (Caritas Ethiopia) holds it 19th General Assembly on March 28, 2019 in Addis Ababa. The annual report of the Commission for the year
2018 and the annual plan for the year 2019 were presented to the General Assembly.
Speaking at the event H.Em. Cardinal Berhaneyesus, C.M, Metropolitan Archbishop of Addis Ababa, President of CBCE and Chairman of the General Assembly lauded Caritas Ethiopia for the tremendous achievements recorded in the past year. He particularly highlighted the emergency response the Church has been giving to the internally displaced people in different parts of the country. He also asked all the Social Development actors of the Church to continue working in the rehabilitation process of the internally displaced people.
Mr. Bekele Moges, Executive Director of Caritas Ethiopia, for his part said that the total planned to
budged for the year 2019 Birr 2,381,792,670 (Birr 2.3 Billion). Out of this Birr 1.36 Billion is in cash and
Birr 1.05 Billion is allocated in food commodity of 75,928 Metric tons. He further elaborated that the
Church will reach 4.97 million beneficiaries in the year 2019 in all the Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction. He

explained that of the previous year, much focus will be given supporting and rehabilitating the internally displaced people in Ethiopia. The Executive Director further added that the Church gives priority to the
most vulnerable, women and children and said that more than half of the beneficiaries will be women. The General Assembly of the Ethiopian Catholic Church Social and Development Commission consists of
all the Bishops, CMRS, Representatives of Catholic Institutions and the Laity.

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