Hungary State Minister pays a courtesy visit to Ethiopian Catholic Church

  The state Minister of Hungary H.E. Tristian Azbej PHD during his visit in Ethiopia met H.Em. Cardinal Berhaneyesus, CM Metropolitan Archbishop of Addis Ababa and President of CBCE on December 4, 2018 at the Ethiopian Catholic Secretariat. On the occasion His Eminence mentioned that there are many Ethiopians who have benefited from the scholarship programs of Hungary and have come back to serve their country. He thanked the government and people of Hungary for this opportunity as education plays a vital role for the development of the country.

The Cardinal stressed that one of the major challenges Ethiopia is facing these days is migration and human trafficking and one of the means to tackle this challenge is education. He explained that the Catholic Church in Ethiopia is working on addressing the issue of migration by creating job opportunities for the youth so that they remain in the country.

“When the youth migrate they face death either on the road or on the sea, and if they make it to their destination, wherever it is they risk exploitation. It is not a pretty picture. We thus desire that the young remain in their country. We try to contribute to this by creating job opportunities for them in their own localities and if they still desire to migrate we give them preparation trainings so they know what to expect and how to survive,” said Cardinal Berhaneyesus.

He added that one of the challenges migrants face is that they do not know about the realities that are waiting for them once they reach their destination. This lack of knowledge makes them vulnerable to exploitation and even disappointment when they realize that the other side is not at all what they expected. The Cardinal said the most important way of tackling this challenge from the root is education.

Dr. Azbej for his part said he is pleased to learn that Ethiopians who had the education opportunities his country is providing are back in their countries and contributing to the development of Ethiopia.

He further explained that Hungary is committed to support persecuted Christians all over the world and is pleased to work with the Catholic in Ethiopia to reach the people that need support from their projects. He finally invited H.Em. Cardinal Berhaneyesus, CM. and other religious leaders to visit Hungary next year.

An introduction on the history of the Catholic Church in Ethiopia and Her social and pastoral ministries in the country was also made to the Minister and the delegation accompanying him by Rev. Fr. Teshome Fikre, ECS Pastoral Commission Director and Mr. Bekele Moges, Executive Director of Social and Development Commission.

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