Visit to Germany by Ethiopian Catholics for World Mission Sunday 2018

Delegation led by Cardinal Berhaneyesus, CM, starts its visit on September 16 in Erfurt

A delegation from the Catholic Church of Ethiopia will be visiting Germany in September and October. The International Catholic Mission Society in Germany, missio, has invited the delegation as part of the World Mission Sunday 2018 campaign, which opens on September 16 in Erfurt and ends on the actual World Mission Sunday, October 28. Cardinal Berhaneyesus, CM Metropolitan Archbishop of Addis Ababa, President of CBCE will lead the Ethiopian delegation at the opening ceremony in Erfurt. The opening Mass will be broadcast live on German television.
World Mission Sunday is organised by the Pontifical Mission Societies in over 100 countries. The church collections on this day are taken for the 1,000 poorest dioceses around the world. Before the World Mission Sunday campaign gets under way, missio in Germany invites a local Church from a different country to show people in Germany how Catholics in Africa, Asia and Oceania live as Christians and what they can learn from one another. In 2018, it is Ethiopia’s turn.
The Ethiopian delegation is made up of about a dozen bishops, priests, religious and lay people. After they have attended the opening ceremony of the campaign as a group in Erfurt on September 16, the delegation members will go different ways. Together with missio staff members, they will individually visit one or two of about 25 dioceses in Germany at different times. There, they will meet Christians and interested people from Germany, for instance in parishes, schools, Catholic refugee centres, social and youth facilities or at Catholic events, where they will report on everyday Church life in Ethiopia. They will share Mass together, and missio has planned around 250 events in Germany to foster communication between different cultures.
Topics include, for example, the ancient Christian tradition in Ethiopia, catechism and pastoral work in parishes and religious congregations in Ethiopia, work with refugees on the country’s borders, the Church’s educational and health work in Ethiopia, commitment to peace and justice and work with indigenous ethnic groups.
In recent months, missio has developed extensive information for people in Germany, campaign material, posters or films themed on Ethiopia, which are now being distributed in the German Catholic Church. One important subject is coffee-growing in Ethiopia. The “Coffee to Stay” campaign enables people in Germany to learn why sharing a coffee session is so significant for the community in Ethiopia, a lesson they can take with them. For Mass, Ethiopian hymns have been prepared to be sung in Germany.
missio and Germany is looking forward to the Ethiopian delegation’s visit!

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