President of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia appreciates the work of the Catholic Church in the country

AMECEA News Blog:

His Excellency Dr. Mulatu Teshome Wirtu, the president of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE), has appreciated the developments that the Catholic Church is doing in Ethiopia.

Speaking during the closing dinner of the 19th AMECEA Plenary Assembly at the National Palace in Addis Ababa-Ethiopia on 22nd July, 2018, President Mulatu encouraged the development activities done by the Catholic Church for the growth of the country.

“The Catholic Church’s historical and strong foot prints are visible in many parts of our country, including establishing higher learning institutions and the provision of basic social services especially education and health care services. Different Catholic Organizations are engaged in directly supporting various development activities as well as emergency relief and poverty reduction activities,” he said.

Rt. Rev. Charles Kasonde, Chairman of AMECEA
“The Ethiopian Catholic Church is not only serving in the social development sector but also a herald of Peace, Reconciliation and Justice through her Justice and Peace commissions together with the interfaith council of Ethiopia. I am grateful to all the Catholic faithful for the ministries they are engaging on in serving our people,” added President Mulatu.

He thanked all the Religious leaders whose work comprise the foundations for the societies’ well-being and whose continued support in prayer is bearing fruit especially towards the reconciliation that is on-going between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

“Ethiopia and Eritrea, as you know, are currently in the process of reconciling and healing the wounds of the past. These two countries have long been in conflict and war that has led to innumerable loss of lives and destruction of property. Our two sisterly countries have now jointly decided to end animosity between the two countries, courageously embracing so as to make peace and to deconstruct the hearts of hatred by giving space to love for one another. I say ‘Thank you’ to you the Religious leaders for always keeping us in prayers,” he said.

His Excellency Dr. Mulatu Teshome further expressed his joy to AMECEA Bishops for having chosen Ethiopia to host the 19th Plenary Assembly and for identifying a theme, “Vibrant Diversity, Equal Dignity and Peaceful Unity in God in AMECEA Region”, which is so timely and inclusive.

He said that diversity and peaceful unity are the foundations for developmental aspirations not only for Ethiopia but also for Africa as a continent and the whole world. According to him, peace and development are two sides of the same coin for a viable society so much that one cannot be achieved without the other.

H.E. Berhaneyesus Cardinal Souraphiel, CM, and
President of Federal Democratic Republic of
Ethiopia Dr. Mulatu Teshome during the dinner
Speaking at the same closing dinner, the new chairman of AMECEA, Rt. Rev. Charles Kasonde, Bishop of Solwezi, Zambia, thanked the president for his invitation and the entire nation of Ethiopia for accepting to host the 19th AMECEA Plenary Assembly. He further supported the healing process between the two countries, Ethiopia and Eritrea, and assured them continued Spiritual support in prayer.

“As Church leaders, we believe that this is a God-given period and moment of grace. We, Catholic bishops of AMECEA, fully support this process of reconciliation and encourage all leaders to support the process in the spirit of true dialogue and a listening ear so that lasting peace may be established in justice. We also pray that as the process goes on, the people may be listened to and that the displaced may be helped to return home and join their families,” Bishop Kasonde explained.

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