Apostolic Vicariate of Hosanna Warmly Welcomes the New Bishop

Apostolic Vicariate of Hosanna Warmly Welcomes the New Bishop

The newly elected Apostolic Vicar of Hosanna H.E. Bishop Seyoum Fransua is consecrated as the 2nd Bishop for the Vicariate on July 2, 2017 in Holy Trinity Catholic Parish, Hosanna Town. Apostolic Vicariate of Hosanna includes in its jurisdiction the Kembata Tembaro Zone, Hadiya Zone, parts of Alaba special district and Silte Zone in Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Regional State.

The ceremony began on July 1 with the People from the Zones and both Zonal Administrators parading to receive their Bishop from the town of Beresa. The Bishop –elect went to Hosanna accompanied by H.Em. Cardinal Berhaneyesus, C.M., H.G. Archbishop Luigi Bianco, Apostolic Nuncio to Ethiopia, his Bishop the Apostolic Vicar of Meki, H.E. Bishop Abraham, all the Catholic Bishops of Ethiopia, the Secretary General and the entire staff of ECS, his family and friends and other guests.  As he arrived to the Vicariate the people in horses, motor cycles and countless cars lead him to the center of Hosanna town where thousands of people accompanied by a scout March band were waiting to welcome him.

The climax of the ceremony was the next day when the consecration ceremony led by H.Em. Cardinal Berhaneyesus, C.M., H.E. Bishop Woldeghiorgis Matheos, Bishop Emeritus of Hosanna and H.E. Bishop Abraham Desta, Apostolic Vicar of Meki took place. During the consecration ceremony the new Bishop received his Miter and crosier from the principal consecrator H.Em. Cardinal Berhaneyesus, C.M., and after a Holy kiss from all the Bishops that was given as a sign of welcome to their conference and their solidarity with him he was led to his Chair and announced as the Apostolic Vicar of Hosanna.

Speaking on the occasion the deputy president of the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Regional State H.Ex. Mr. Melese Alemu Said that attending the consecration ceremony gave him a great spiritual satisfaction and ensured that the regional administration office is as ready as ever to collaborate with the Apostolic Vicariate of Hosanna in all its endeavors.

He also thanked the Catholic Church for Her contributions in the development efforts of the region and particularly in the Kembata Tembaro and Hadiya Zones. He mentioned that for ages the Church has been with the people giving not just spiritual support but also providing social services to ensure integral development.

At the same time Zonal Administrators of Kembata Tembaro Zone and Hadiya Zone Mr. Anteneh Fekadu and Mr. Sintayehu W/michael respectively testified that it is because of the Catholic Church and Her Ministry of educating people that many people from both zones can be found in higher level positions in different sectors of services both in the country and outside. They also gave their assurances of continued collaboration to H.Ex. Bishop Seyoum and the Apostolic Vicariate of Hosanna.

H.Ex. Bishop Seyoum thanked all the Bishops especially the late Apostolic Vicar of Meki, H.E. Bishop Yohannes and the current one H.E. Bishop Abraham, his mother Mrs. Banchiyirga Belew and his late Father Mr. Fransua Noel, all his colleagues and teachers as well as the clergy, religious men and women and the faithful in Hosanna for warmly accepting him.

He also pleaded with all to pray for him saying, “Since it was announced that the Holy Father has elected me to be the Bishop of the Catholic Vicariate of Hosanna I have continued to ask myself a question that no one has been able to help me answer adequately – WHY ME? I never dreamt that one day I will be called to shepherd the faithful in the Vicariate of Hosanna. The shock of election prevails and I continue to say that I accepted this election in obedience to the Holy Father, Pope Francis. Having vowed obedience to God and to the Church, I accept this ministry as a missionary of the Church and I thank the Holy Father for the honor done to me, an unworthy servant of the Church. For the rest of my life I remain saying “Thy Will Be Done” (Lk 22:42). Through the intersession of Our Lady and St. Josef and your prayers I shall serve Our Lord and His people in our Vicariate as per His will, for this I ask you all to remain united with me in prayer.”

H.Ex. Bishop Seyoum is a Diocesan Priest from the Apostolic Vicariate of Meki, he was born in 1970 in Arsi Zone, Weragu village and educated at the Catholic School of Meki. Responding to his call to priesthood he joined the Franciscan Capuchin Institute of Philosophy and Theology to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Theology. Bishop Seyoum went on to join the Pontifical Urbanian University in Rome to study missiology making him the only Ethiopian Catholic Priest to hold a doctoral degree in Missiology.

Throughout the years he has served as a rector of the minor seminary in the Apostolic Vicariate of Meki, assistant Parish priest of the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Cathedral in Meki town, Deputy Secretary General of Meki Catholic Secretariat until he went to Rome for further studies. Upon completion of his Doctorate degree he joined the Ethiopian Catholic Secretariat in Addis Ababa in 2012 at the same time he continued to serve the Apostolic Vicariate of Meki as Vicar General.


He is the second Bishop of Apostolic Vicariate of Hosanna following H.E. Bishop Woldeghiorgis Matheos who submitted his resignation to the Holy See because of his age. The Apostolic Vicariate of Hosanna was erected on January 20, 2010 by the Holy Father Pope Benedict XIV.


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    Me is the one who follows the church christian with all my family. Congratulations to all who believe on JESUS CHRIST. Thank you all!!!!


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