University and College Catholic Students in Addis Ababa Reflecting on the 19th AMECEA Plenary Theme

University and College Catholic Students in Addis Ababa Reflecting on the 19th AMECEA Plenary Theme

As the Catholic Church in Ethiopia is preparing to host the 19th AMECEA Plenary in 2018 the University and College Catholic Student Movement (otherwise known as IMCS) in Addis Ababa is reflecting on the theme “Vibrant Diversity, Equal Dignity, Peaceful Unity in God in the AMECEA Region”.

According to Ms. Elsabeth Efrem, ECS University Students Program Officer, the students who come from all the 13 ecclesiastical jurisdictions of the Church are encouraged to internalize the theme which invites people to embrace diversity as a gift from God.

“IMCS is a very active group in terms of spreading Catholic spirituality and serving the Church in various ways. These are students who will soon be joining the workforce in our country in different fields and the Catholic values they foster as students will be lived as workers. As Ethiopia is a diverse country, the students will play a big role in witnessing unity in diversity in their campuses and in their future work place,” she said.

In an effort to promote the theme of the 19th AMECEA Plenary, IMCS as a choir performed spiritual songs in 12 different local languages in the 2 days conference on “Catholic Identity” organized by the St. Michael Catholic Parish in the Archdiocese of Addis Ababa from May 13 – 14, 2017.

The University Students Program Officer also said that IMCS members all over Ethiopia are eagerly waiting for the coming of the 19th AMECEA Plenary to Addis Ababa and are ready to play a part in hosting the guests from the AMECEA region and other participants.

The University and College Catholic Students Movement in Ethiopia comprises of over 2,100 Catholic students in the over 35 universities (and colleges) and found in all the 13 ecclesiastical jurisdictions in the country. Its main mission is the evangelization of the student milieu. Students are encouraged to live their faith by getting involved in society, locally, nationally and internationally. Inspired by the Gospel values and the Social Teachings of the Church, it encourages students are able to live a Spirituality in Action, linking faith, intellect and service of others through praying, reflecting and acting on issues at all levels of society.


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