Ethiopia Mourns the Death of 4 Sisters

Ethiopia Mourns the Death of 4 Sisters

The Ethiopian Catholic Church lost 4 Daughters of St.Anne in a car accident on March7, 2017. The Sisters who passed away in the accident are Sr. Woyneshet Ghebru, Provicial Superior of the religious congregation, Sr. Motu Baba, Sr. Ghidena Woldu and Sr. Hanna Bakena, The Sisters were travelling to hawassa town early in the morning to attend a funeral when the accident occurred, other 4 sisters and the driver survived the accident.

Speaking at the requiem Mass on March 9, H.Em. Cardinal Berhaneyesus, C.M., Metropolitan Archbishop of Addis Ababa expressed the grief the

Church in Ethiopia is experiencing for losing 4 of her daughters to such a tragic accident. He said that their death is untimely as they were all so young and actively involved in Pastoral and Social Ministries serving the society.

He said that the Church and the Daughters of St. Anne are consoled when they saw just how much the Sisters were loved by the people they were serving and know they lived their lives fully dedicated to their … vows. “When the accident first happened it was the community around the area who first came to their aid of those who survived and mourned the death of those who passed away, for they immediately recognized the Daughters of St. Anne, who have been with the surrounding community for years through their veils,” said the Cardinal.


His Eminence thanked the people of Ethiopia, Partners, AMECEA and people of friends of the Catholic Church who consoled the Church during this difficult time.

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